Welcome to Fun Time!

We invite you to visit various pages of the site and learn more about us our concept and our music.

  1. By clicking on the orange Translate button, you can translate into the language you need.
  2. In the Video menu, you can watch short videos, and in the Our Covers menu, you will find all the songs that are in our program and you can choose 20 or more for your event.
  3. You can order a performance by a group or a singer / here the repertoire is performed with a back-track / for the entertainment part of your event.
  4. There are about 400 songs in our program for your choice.
  5. The group performs a fixed repertoire, and the vocalist can offer you different programs to choose from: Rock, Pop, Latino, Italy, 80s * foreign *, 90-2010 * Russian *, 2000-2020 * foreign *.
  6. Songs are performed in the following languages: RU, UKR, ENG, FR, IT, ESP.
  7. We offer a 1-3 hour concert, as well as DJ and Karaoke service for your events and celebrations.

We offer concerts in different countries, so you are welcome to leave your request.

Please describe your request by e-mail contact@funtime.lu / contact@funtime.international and we will answer you within 24-48 hours.

All the best and let Fun Time always to be present in your life!

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